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Flora Skort Flora Skort
Scout Ripstop Skort - Solid Scout Ripstop Skort - Solid
Scout Ripstop Skort - Solid: New Color Badge
Big B Skort - Solid Big B Skort - Solid
Recycled Clamber 2.0 Skort Recycled Clamber 2.0 Skort
Samba Skort Samba Skort
Samba Swing Skort Samba Swing Skort
Crusher Skort Crusher Skort
Crusher Skort: New Color Badge
Rogue Skort Rogue Skort
Rogue Skort: New Color Badge
Dream Swing Skort - Java Dream Swing Skort - Java
Bidwell Skort Bidwell Skort
Switchback Ultralight Hiking Skort Switchback Ultralight Hiking Skort
Evergreen Hiking Skort Evergreen Hiking Skort
Dream Swing Skort - Sea Glass Dream Swing Skort - Sea Glass
Majestic Skort - Kalalau Majestic Skort - Kalalau
Dream On Skort 16" - Desert Path Dream On Skort 16" - Desert Path
Big B Skort - Fiero Big B Skort - Fiero
Big B Skort - Fiero Print: New Badge
Rally Skort Rally Skort
Dream On Skort 16" - Solid Dream On Skort 16" - Solid
Price reduced from $59 to $49
Bonded Ultralight Running Skort - Solid Bonded Ultralight Running Skort - Solid
Price reduced from $75 to $49
Otta Skort Otta Skort
Price reduced from $88 to $69

Skorts: Active Skirts-With-Benefits

When we need an outfit that can do it all, we reach for the Swiss Army Knife of our apparel wardrobe: the skort. This skirt-with-benefits is the perfect blend of style and function. Here are answers to your Title Nine athletic skirts and skorts questions:


Are skorts comfortable to work out in?

Athletic skorts are totally comfortable to work out in—so comfortable, we sometimes forget that we're wearing workout clothing. Thanks to shorter hemlines and built-in boyshorts, we can move confidently in any—and every—direction, peekaboo-free.


Can you run in a skort?

Anything you can do in shorts, you can do in a skort. Athletic skorts are the perfect choice for training runs, races, and everything in between. Performance, moisture-wicking fabrics keep you dry and just the right temp, while built-in pockets let you bring along your snacks, phone, and any other gear you need. Wide waistbands and drawstrings help you get just the right fit so there are never any saggy bottoms.


What are the top features for working out in athletic skorts and skirts?

The best activewear skorts and skirts have:
- Pockets: Athletic skirts and skorts with pockets are perfect for running errands, hitting the bike trail, and knowing exactly where our keys are.
- Moisture-wicking, fast-drying fabric: A sport skirt made with performance activewear fabric keeps us cool, dry, and comfortable, no matter how the heat gets turned up.
- Versatility: We never know where the day will take us, but an athletic skirt can go from a quick hike to the grocery store, recess duty, the dog park, and beyond.
- Built-in shorts: Because women should be empowered to move in any direction we want to. We can have skirt sass and worry-free coverage all at once.


How do I style athletic skirts?

Some of our favorite ways to rock activewear skorts and skirts include:
- Swapping our sweaty top for a Short Sleeve Tee to go from road running to running errands in a snap.
- Pairing a skort with a performance Tank Top for when brunch with a view turns into exploring the trail that it’s on.
- Picking a skort with pockets for days when a purse would weigh us down, but we still want to be ready for anything.
- Layering our Bikini Tops with our favorite sport skirt for a casual beach day look.


What is the difference between a skirt and a skort?

Women's skirts and skorts both hit just above the knee so that we can easily move around. Both athletic skirts and skorts often have pockets, and they're ideal for hiking, bootcamp, dog- and kid-wrangling, running, and more. However, skorts for women feature built-in shorts for extra comfort and coverage, while skirts do not. Skorts often feature an extra panel of fabric at the front to hide the shorts.


What's the history of the skort?

Skorts have an amazing history of empowering women in sports. Way back in the 1950s and 1960s, skorts were the go-to choice for women as they increasingly made their mark on sports and outdoor leisure activities. Skorts had another big comeback in the 90s (there was a whole decade where our closets were full of exclusively skorts and biker shorts), and now they're back once again, but this time with seriously sporty features like pockets and performance fabrics.


Are skorts still in fashion?

Oh yeah, skorts are right on trend for movers and shakers everywhere—and even better, an active skort is one of the most versatile activewear items in our closet. Skorts are a fun alternative to regular shorts or pants, and they're the ultimate in comfort, performance, and style. They're perfect for wherever our adventurous life takes us.