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Kari Traa Gear

Mirage Fleece Jacket Mirage Fleece Jacket
Mirage Long Fleece Jacket Mirage Long Fleece Jacket
Freestyle Leggings Freestyle Leggings
$120 $99 - $120
Disrupt Jacket Disrupt Jacket
Can’t Miss Long Sleeve Top Can’t Miss Long Sleeve Top
Freestyle Long Sleeve Top Freestyle Long Sleeve Top
Disrupt 2.0 Hooded Jacket Disrupt 2.0 Hooded Jacket
Price reduced from $160 to $99
Apres View Zip Up Sweater Apres View Zip Up Sweater
Price reduced from $100 to $59
Can’t Miss Leggings Can’t Miss Leggings
Price reduced from $50 to $35

Kari Traa Sports Gear

There are few things in life more invigorating than sports apparel that inspires us to get (and keep) moving. Kari Traa sports gear is the activewear brand we go to when we're looking to spice things up with fresh, performance-enhancing workout gear basics. If the name Kari Traa sounds familiar, it's because the brand's founder and namesake was a three-time Olympic medalist, earning Norway a gold, silver and bronze in freestyle skiing.

Title Nine offers Kari Traa sports gear and outdoor apparel, including tank tops, zip-ups, long sleeve shirts, T-shirts, running pants, shorts and more designed for outdoor activities, from marathon training to long-haul hiking. And, since Traa is no stranger to hitting lightning-fast speeds in sub-zero temps, so much of this gear is warm and enduring enough for winter sports. For example, we have comfy Kari Traa socks made with a cushiony soft blend of Merino wool, polyester and elastane--the perfect under-boot socks!

One fascinating thing about all-around wonder woman Kari Traa is that she started making her own skiing apparel in between training and competing, when she picked up knitting and began making customized knit beanies for herself and her teammates. With this in mind, you can expect Kari Traa sports gear to be made with high-quality materials and sound craftsmanship. At Title Nine, we guarantee all of our premium women's activewear with a 360 Guarantee to ensure that you're always totally happy with your purchase when you shop with us.