Rash Guards for Women

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Rash Guards for Women

Endless Summer Long Sleeve Sun Shirt Endless Summer Long Sleeve Sun Shirt
Endless Summer Long Sleeve Rash Guard: New Color Badge
Endless Summer Short Sleeve Sun Shirt Endless Summer Short Sleeve Sun Shirt
Endless Summer Short Sleeve Rash Guard: New Color Badge
Montera Rash Guard - Colorblock Montera Rash Guard - Colorblock
Tideturn Cropped Rash Guard Tideturn Cropped Rash Guard
Aquatic Life Rash Guard - Giverny Aquatic Life Rash Guard - Giverny
Duckdive Wetsuit Jacket Duckdive Wetsuit Jacket

T9 Rash Guards for Women: Built for the waves, ready for anything.

With Title Nine rash guards for women, we can take on swell after swell without sweating board rash and sunburn. Title Nine creates and curates women's rashguards with high-performing fabrics that are quick-drying, UPF 50, and built to keep you having fun in the sun and surf all day long.

What is a rashguard?

Sand, sun, surf, swim—a day at the beach can be pretty rough on your skin. A rash guard is a form-fitting athletic shirt that’s built to protect your skin from chafing, sunburns, and board rash. A long sleeve rash guard shirt or a short sleeve rash guard shirt are a perfect extra layer to add to over tankini tops, one piece swim, or two piece swimsuits.
- Rashguards are made of more heavy-duty fabric than sun shirts and swim shirts. They're more dense than swimsuit fabric, but not quite wetsuit fabric, giving you a just-right layer of compression and warmth when you're in chilly water.
- A rash guard for women tends to be form-fitting and sometimes even compressive, since they’re specifically designed to be streamlined while protecting from sun, sand, and chafing.
- Other features to look for in a rash guard? They should have sun protection (preferably UPF 50), be quick-drying, and have a zip-up (full-zip or half-zip) option and sleeve (short sleeve or long sleeve) option that works for you.
- Want to know more about rash guards and other swimwear options? Get all the details about rash guard shirts vs swim shirts vs sun shirts.


What’s a rash guard for?

Rash guards are the perfect layer over a swimsuit for any kind of water sport, but they’re especially useful for sports like surf sports, paddle boarding, or other high-intensity water sports. While they’re useful as a swim cover up while you’re in the water or out for a swim, many women find a sunshirt, swim shirt, or other piece of sun protective clothing to be a more comfortable choice for beach lounging or poolside play.

Do all rash guards have UV protection too?

Every rashguard Title Nine sells is UPF-rated. (A UPF rating helps you know how much UV protection a piece of clothing provides.) This means you can skip the sunscreen and feel confident that your skin will be sunburn free. (But don’t forget to SPF-up the rest of you!)